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  • 2009 Grub Tub Worlds results

    The 2009 Grub Tub Worlds were held on Saturday, September 19th at Harraseekett Yacht Club. It was a great day with spectacular conditions, blue skies and  “Small Craft Warnings”; 20-25mph with gusts to 30 from the west. Perfect for these phenomenal 11’ crafts. The skills varied from competitor to competitor. One boat actual brought a 4 person race crew for some quick repairs to their centerboard. Another arrived late very frustrated by the heavy traffic created by a second marathon event held in the area on this sports filled day.

    In all, six very skilled and courageous sailors competed for the coveted title “Grub Tub 2009 Champion”. The spectators were impressed not only with their small boat handling skills but with they’re swimming and bailing skills as well.

    This year the spectators’ crowd grew enormously due to the event’s location (small tidal bay just south of the HYC Club house) and free admission. Two chase boats (Mike & Stacey Lodato & Cliff & Laura George with Susie Soule) shared in several rescue efforts making sure the participants could get out of the water quickly and back in the competition. They also helped with repairs and collecting floating items like bailers and shoes floating through the harbor.

    The Race Committee master for this wonderful regatta was the very experienced Chairman Ross Cudlitz. He was the master of ceremonies and ran Olympic type courses for this prestigious event. The only difficulty was the horn system being used. He literally “blew” through the HYC budget! As everyone knows Ross has the experience to handle “world class” competitors. He only acknowledged one compliant (Henry Bliss the “whiner”) at the start of the 3rd race start sequence and called all the boats to return for a restart. It took the last race to determine the ultimate winner.

    Grub Tub Worlds 2009 Results
    1st Place and World Champion” – Ben Niles
    2nd Place – Henry Bliss, also winner of “Most controversial Grub Sailor.
    3rd Place Tim Baker “ Tim the winner of the “Best Bailer”.