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  • 2009 Hugh Fruend – Update from England

    Hey all,

    I am sitting inside the large hanger where they do all the measuring before the regatta. The event organizers set up a long table with ethernet plugs so the internet junkies can get their fix. They have us in postponement this morning because the wind is blowing about 25 kts with gusts to 30+ kts. We had a lot more boatwork to do on our borrowed boat from the Irish than we had expected, so we only had an hour an a half of practice time on the water on Sunday rather than the two days we had hoped for. But it didn’t seem to matter as you can see from the results below. We had a protest in the second race with the French because they blatantly fouled us. The Brittish witnessed it and we had no trouble winning in the protest room at the end of the day.

    Weymouth is an interesting town. It seems like a nice quaint Brittish town during the day, but at night all that changes. The other night I was passed by dozens of Brits decked out in their very finest bell bottoms, afro’s and wide lapels on their way from one 70’s party to the next. On the weekends most places are open until 5 or 6am.

    The Weymouth venue is fantastic. The US Sailing Team Alphagraphics has secured our own section of a hanger in the lot next door where we will be able to keep our stuff between events, store and work on boats, hang out, debreif, etc. as soon as they finalize construction details. Right now we have an enormous space and a concrete floor with a big table on one wall.

    Having lots of fun walking around and seeing competitors from different countries. Everyone has got their different team gear on, plastering sponsorship stickers on hulls and cars and sails, and running back and forth from different vendors to their boats in a rush to get everything perfect before their hit the water for the day. If any of you watch the Tour de France it is getting to be sort of like that, although we don’t quite have the level of sponsorship that they do.

    Thats all for now. I will try to send some pictures, but I forgot a cable to plug my camera into the computer. I have no idea when I will be back online, but will try to check in every few days.

    Results (scroll down for Sonars) are here:



    There are US teams in every class I think. The other paralympic classes are the 2.4mR (mini America’s cup boat) and the Skud18.