December 05, 2019
 South Freeport, ME
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  • 2012 Awards presented at the Annual Meeting:

    Heritage Award– Malcom Poole

    Awarded to the member, who by good seamanship, an adventurous spirit, a willingness to share knowledge and an abiding love of the sea, has promoted boating in a way that honors the values that Bill Hadlock embodied in his life.

    Sportsmanship Award – Hugh Freund

    Awarded to a member whose enthusiasm for the Club is demonstrated on and off the race course.

    Offshore Trophy – Morris Hancock

    Awarded to the sailor or sailors with the best offshore race finish and/or who navigate blue water flying the HYC burgee.

    Commodore’s Award for Volunteerism – Cliff George

    Given to a member or members who have worked tirelessly in support of club activities and programs.

    2012 HYC Race Awards

    Sonar Summer Series:

    1st Place – Zulu – Tim Baker

    2nd Place – Interim – Ross Cudlitz

    3rd Place – Dire Straits– Jeff Whiting

    PHRF Summer Series:

    1st Place –   Beagle – Nat Henshaw

    2nd Place – Persistence2 – Bill Full & Spencer Drake

    3rd Place – Milady – Kris Jennings

    Sonar Helmsperson:

    1st Place – Dire Straits – Faith Baker

    2nd Place – Interim – Mallory Cudlitz

    3rd Place – Slieghride – John Pier

    PHRF Helmsperson:

    1st Place – Beagle – Nancy Bruckheimer

    2nd Place – Wishing Star – Chip Lawrence

    3rd Place – Milady – Emily Jennings

    Sonar Women’s Cup:

    1st Place – Blitz – Laura George

    2nd Place – Dire Straits – Faith Baker

    3rd Place – Zulu – Kate Macdonald

    PHRF Women’s Cup:

    1st Place – Big Dog Party – Ellis Price

    2nd Place – Milady – Emily Jennings

    3rd Place – Duckling – Kathleen Keegan

    Punch Bowl:

    1st Place – Zulu – Tim Baker

    2nd Place – Duckling – Carter Becker

    3rd Place – Sleighride– Dale Hudson

    2012 Grub Tubs and Lasers – Canceled no wind.