January 18, 2020
 South Freeport, ME
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  • Feathers Fly as New Pigeon Dung Program is offered at HYC

    HYC ‘s deck has become a home for scruffy pigeons. They have become squatters and in essence HYC is 10321778_829607377067439_5569800980426930916_oproviding sanctuary for pigeons as they have taken over our porch.


    Homeless-but-Sharing-the-meal-with-the-pigeonsBy eminent domain these pigeons had begun the proceedings to become members by eating and drinking  on the porch like most HYC members do. (Oh and adding dung)




    artworks-000004771248-5g61or-cropThe HYC directory did not offer any answers to pigeon membership and certainly the HYC membership committee did not want a long pigeon membership waiting list.




    photo-2So the HYC Board consulted and volunteer Hugh Bowen offered to step forward. Thanks Hugh Bowen for building pigeon baffles and putting them in place in the rafters on the HYC deck.

    Thanks Hugh Bowen for your volunteer efforts!

    No more pigeons…maybe? Stay tuned!