January 18, 2020
 South Freeport, ME
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  • Agreement reached between HYC and the Freeport Shellfish Commission

    The HYC Board wants members to be aware of an agreement reached between HYC and the Freeport Shellfish Commission. Under the supervision of the Shellfish Commission, ads have been running in newspapers and town cable channels alerting all clammers of the pending lottery for 4 mud flat parking sticker holders and also four “clam pick up” sticker holders to use our launch area permitted by HYC. Applications will be available Thursday, to which each application has our agreed letter of understanding attached. Applicants can be both Freeport residents and non-residents; no students. Applications are available until the following Thursday, July 3rd, with the lottery drawing taking place on Monday, July 7, under Freeport town council supervision.

    UnknownFor the details of the agreement see the agreement between HYC and Shellfish Commission: Click Here: HYC clammer agreement