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  • HYC supports Hugh Freund and “Membership Fundraising for Team USA One Paralympic Games Campaign

    1dbf0a4f-9dfd-473d-bc67-1607ff1321e5HYC supports Hugh’s Team Going to Rio!

    Special Message from Commodore David Kaufman

    At the April Board meeting HYC Directors enthusiastically, unanimously and proudly earmarked a $1500 HYC yacht club donation in support of Hugh Freund’s Team USA One Paralympic Campaign bid for Rio and intiated a plan for Membership Fund Raising  for the team as well.

    Hugh is a HYC member and alumnus of our HYC Youth Sailing Program as a sailor and later as an instructor. His parents, Julie and Dan Freund are HYC members as well.

    The Board also set a goal  for the “membership fundraising ” of $15,000.00. We hope our membership will support this target with a grass roots fund raising effort. We are determined to achieve this $15,000 goal and celebrate the membership fundraising at our Spring Opening Party, Saturday, May 14th.

    In the next few short weeks we will be sending a number of communications and information updates on Hugh’s Sonar racing team’s progress. As you learn about this campaign I’m confident you’ll feel the excitement and pride Hugh is generating at HYC.

    This Paralympic bid requires a monumental effort by Hugh’s team (learn more below). HYC played a large role in shaping Hugh’s odyssey.

    Let’s help Hugh and his Team participate by providing necessary funding to keep him moving towards the finish line.

    Go Hugh, Go HYC, Go Rio.


    Be SURE TO WATCH ” UnCharted Waters”

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    The Team is currently accepting donations through the Windmark Sailing Foundation, a 501(c)3, in order to provide a tax credit for donors. Funds donated to the Team’s campaign via Windmark are eligible for a 1:1 match up to $15k, so it is in all of our best interest to funnel donations through this foundation.

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