January 25, 2020
 South Freeport, ME
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  • A Laser that Stafford Soule reconditioned sells on Craigslist to provide a donation to Team USA 1

    Stafford had the idea of repairing a laser and selling it with the proceeds going to support Hugh Freund’s Paralympic Sailing, Team USA 1 campaign. Stafford worked on reconditioning this Laser generously donated by Tony MacDonald.  He patched up a couple holes, faired the hull and applied several coats of epoxy.

    20160425_150726After several weeks of terrible weather for this kind of work, snow, rain, Staff struggled to finish the repairs. Due to the cold weather, the final coat of epoxy was still curing as the new owner towed it back to Bangor.

    The reconditioned laser sold last week for $550.00! With the Match from Windmark this provides a $1,100 overall contribution to Hugh’s campaign.

    Staff stated, “It was  a wonderful project and made me feel so good that the buyer (a young father) had learned to sail on a laser many years ago and had been saving to buy a laser. He plans to now teach his 12-year-old son to sail on a lake in Bangor.