January 17, 2020
 South Freeport, ME
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  • Donate to Team USA One Paralympic Games Campaign

    Message from Hugh Freund,

    “Donations keep our campaign running”. Your donation is tax-deductible and will be matched 100%. Time is critical this close to the Paralympic Games: Every additional day we can afford to train keeps us mentally sharp and physically ready for our biggest regatta yet.

    To “Help Them Finish” Donate:

    In the memo line of your check, write: HYC /Supporting Team USA One

    Click Here

    1dbf0a4f-9dfd-473d-bc67-1607ff1321e5Through the Windmark Sailing Foundation we can process your tax-deductible cash donation that will directly support our campaign costs including buying new sails, transporting and maintaining the boat, covering meals on the road, and securing housing for events. If you have hotel or airline points that you wish to share with the team to help offset travel costs, we can accept those donations as well.

    We accept donations through the Windmark Sailing Foundation, a 501(c)3, in order to provide a tax credit for donors. Funds donated to our campaign via Windmark are eligible for a 1:1 match up to $15k, so it is in all of our best interest to funnel donations through this foundation.

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