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  • Southern Yacht Club Burgee exchange with HYC

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    A terrific picture of HYC member David Webster, Carter Becker with Mr. and Mrs. Jason Adriance from Southern Yacht Club.

    Late this summer, David Webster walked up from the docks to find Carter Becker talking with Mr. and Mrs. Jason Adriance from Southern Yacht Club, in Louisiana. Southern Yacht Club claims to be the second oldest yacht club in America after the New York Yacht Club.

    These lovely folks had come to; “find a yacht club on the Maine coast they could exchange a burgee with!”

    David got them to agree, he stated” I think they were a bit surprised”. The Adriance’s suggested if an HYC member contacted them, adriancejw@gmail.com while visiting New Orleans, these folks would host them at their club.

    The Adriances’s were delightful and fun. This exchange and pleasantries captured in photos.

    Southern Yacht Club  website; www.southernyachtclub.org

    The following is a brief narrative describing their interesting yacht club:

    The records of the Southern Yacht Club trace its history back to the club’s founding in the Gulf Coast resort town of Pass Christian, Mississippi in the year 1849. Only the venerable New York Yacht Club can document an earlier founding date. As such, SYC is proud to bear the mantle of the second oldest yacht club in the United States. Over the years,

    Southern Yacht Club sailors have won four Olympic medals and numerous national and international championships. Through more than one hundred and sixty years of prosperity and adversity the Southern Yacht Club has maintained a tradition of keen competition, sportsmanship and eponymous hospitality.

    HYC encourages its members to exchange burgees with other yacht clubs they visit.

    Learn more here: