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  • Burgee Exchange with Hobe Sound Yacht Club in Hobe Sound Florida

    HSYC Burgee Exchange

    On January 6 2018, Ric & Strandy Quesada conducted a burgee exchange at the Hobe Sound Yacht Club in Hobe Sound Florida. They  met with Barry Hall (a former Commodore) and his wife, Eleanor, and exchanged stories of our respective yacht clubs over drinks and dinner.

    HSYC is somewhat unique in that it is among the oldest clubs in the country (est. 1892), has many members with significant yachts of all types, and has a beautiful and convenient waterfront site on the Intercoastal Waterway. However, don’t even think of tying up and asking for reciprocal privileges. There is no dock and there are no boats. This is a dinner club.

    They used to have docks and boats (Wooden Pussys) and races and all the regular stuff, but the hurricane of ’49 wiped out the fleet and they also noticed that they “became extremely irritated with each other at the end of each race…..and they decided that their friendship was more important than the weekly regattas” so they never replaced the fleet.

    They are a jolly group and proud of their yachtless traditions. Every Christmas there is a members party where they sing the club song to the tune of There is Nothing like a Dame. The last two lines of each stanza are:

     What ain’t we got? We ain’t got yachts!

    HYC encourages its members to exchange burgees with other yacht clubs they visit.

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