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    HYC encourages its members to exchange burgees with other yacht clubs they visit. Here is how to do it:

    First, check to see that there is not already an exchange with the club you intend to engage. The Flag Officer shall maintain a log containing the list of exchange clubs and photographs documenting the exchange.  The log will be kept available in the clubhouse and on the website.  Burgee Exchange Log

    Then contact Ric Quesada to pick up a medium size burgee (12” x 18”).

    During the visit, the HYC member shall conduct the burgee exchange and document the event with a digital photograph and a formal narrative indicating when, where, and with whom the exchange took place as well as a brief description/history of the exchanging yacht club. Scroll below to see a perfect example of an exchange narrative.

    Upon exchange completion, the member shall present the digital photograph, the narrative describing the exchange, and the exchange Burgee to Ric Quesada. This exchange will be announced on the website and HYC newsletter and the new exchange burgee will be hung in the Clubhouse.

    There shall be no charge for exchanged burgees.