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  • Beth Willhoite Youth Sailing Program Scholarship Fund

    (News, YSP News - 16th December, 2018)

    Background – A year ago, Gus MacDonald donated a scholarship to the Harraseeket Youth Sailing Program.  After seeing the success of this scholarship, the Board formed a scholarship committee to establish a formal program that would define the purpose, funding and candidate selection. It was announced at the Winter Ice Breaker Party that we have created the Beth Willhoite Youth Sailing Scholarship Fund. Beth was a much-loved and long term member of HYC who was dedicated to the growth and education of children throughout her career and most recently as the Principal of the Mast Landing School in Freeport. The purpose of this fund is to give children, who otherwise would not be able to attend the HYC sailing program, the opportunity to learn to sail and gain confidence on the water. One core mission of the Harraseeket Yacht Club is to promote youth sailing and we feel privileged to honor Beth’s memory in this manner.

    The Goal – Secure funding through member donations, sponsors and the community sufficient to provide a minimum of two scholarships forever. Our initial goal for this fund is $15,000.

    The selection process – We will use Freeport Community Services to recommend appropriate candidates for the scholarship. They have a process and staff in place to perform this selection. We felt that using FCS would be a much more effective and efficient than HYC attempting to create a selection process on our own.

    How to contribute – Write a check made out to HYC with “Beth Willhoite Scholarship Fund” written on the memo line in the lower left hand corner of the check. Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous. Otherwise, we will recognize you on the Member Area of the HYC website. Checks should be sent to HYC, P.O. Box 82, South Freeport, ME 04078.

    Those that have contributed

    Beth Willhoite Youth Scholarship Donations 6032018 pdf

    Questions & Answers

    • Is my contribution tax deductible? No, HYC is not a non-profit at this point in time.
    • When will scholarship selection happen? The selection process will begin this month and will be conducted during the month of March each year.
    • What does it cost to fund a single scholarship? There are several sailing program offerings but the cost for 2017 ranges between $700 and $1,100.
    • Will I know which child benefits from my contribution? No. The process is intended to be blind and the recipients’ names will be confidential.
    • How will we know how the scholarship funding is progressing? We’ll have an area of the Member area of the HYC website that monitors progress and recognizes donors.