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  • 2014 Wednesday Night RACE RESULTS

    (Posted: June 11th, 2014)

    Congratulations to “Persistence” and “Sleigh Ride” for winning their Classes in the 2014 series respectfully!

    Scores 2014

    Race 12

    Race 11 

    Race 10 cancelled due to weather

    Race 9 

    Race 8

    Race 7 

    Race 6

    Race 5 cancelled due to weather

    Race 4 cancelled due to weather

    Race 3

    Race 2 

    Race 1

    GET YOUR HYC LOGO GEAR HERE! Gifts for the Summer!

    (Posted: October 22nd, 2012)

    Warm fleece jackets, stylish shirts, caps, outerwear, rain gear, boat bags and much more. We work with Winter People to provide you with the highest quality clothing, and you can personalize with your boat name, your name, etc. If you click the STORE tab at the top of this page, you will be taken to the HYC section of Winter People’s web site.  You can purchase and personalize on that page. If you do not see what you want here for HYC logo gear be sure to visit the Winter People on Route #1 near the Big Indian. OH and there is NO SHIPPING charge when you arrange for pick up at the Winter Peoples store here in Freeport!

    Note that we are in the process of re-working our STORE web page coming soon!


    “Stunning” Nice Shingles click to view picture

    (Posted: October 20th, 2012)

    “Stunning” Nice Work Volunteers! Let us know WHO YOU ARE!!
    Test Question to see how observant you are! Is there an side of the club house that has NOT been re-shingled in the last 5 years? I E. what remains to be done?

    Website Suggestions

    (Posted: September 28th, 2012)

    The webmaster is looking for suggestions and ideas for the website! Send any comments to


    HYC Youth Regatta 2012 Slide show

    (Posted: August 9th, 2012)


    Over 1000 photo’s were submitted for this slide show, special thanks to Holly O’Neil Turley for many of them! Enjoy!

    Introducing our HYC Instructors!

    (Posted: June 18th, 2012)


    Say Hello to them and learn more @



    1st Annual HYC Women’s Cup in conjunction with World Wide Summer “Sailstice” Yachting Day

    (Posted: March 4th, 2012)

    It was a GREAT Event -Thanks Ross!


    1st Annual HYC Women’s Cup in conjunction with World Wide Summer “Sailstice” Yachting Day- contact Ross Cudlitz

    Attention all boaters: The Worldwide Summer Sailstice is an event to get as many individuals on the water as possible the longest day of the year. Come join the Summer Sailstice and first annual HYC Women’s Cup Race on June 21. Power boat spectators needed.

    Racers your skipper must be a female of any age (member or not), so go find one and make your boat available.

    There will be two first place awards up for grabs; Sonars, and PHRF.

    The evening’s races will be the same format as Weds. nights; race time starts at 1800.

    Following the races please stay around for a BYOBBQ and social.

    We have requested great weather and lots of daylight.

    So come out and enjoy a great sail on the longest day of the year!

    Sailing Instructions HYC 1st Annual Women’s Cup NOR – 2012

    See you there.

    See more info about World “Sailtice” day  http://www.summersailstice.com/



    2011 Punch Bowl Race video

    (Posted: September 12th, 2011)

    2011 Video of the Annual Meeting and Clambake

    (Posted: September 12th, 2011)

    What a gorgeous night for a Clambake. Enjoy the

    Video/Slide show!


    2011 HYC Youth Regatta Video

    (Posted: August 6th, 2011)

    2009 Grub Tub Worlds results

    (Posted: September 20th, 2009)

    The 2009 Grub Tub Worlds were held on Saturday, September 19th at Harraseekett Yacht Club. It was a great day with spectacular conditions, blue skies and  “Small Craft Warnings”; 20-25mph with gusts to 30 from the west. Perfect for these phenomenal 11’ crafts. The skills varied from competitor to competitor. One boat actual brought a 4 person race crew for some quick repairs to their centerboard. Another arrived late very frustrated by the heavy traffic created by a second marathon event held in the area on this sports filled day.

    In all, six very skilled and courageous sailors competed for the coveted title “Grub Tub 2009 Champion”. The spectators were impressed not only with their small boat handling skills but with they’re swimming and bailing skills as well.

    This year the spectators’ crowd grew enormously due to the event’s location (small tidal bay just south of the HYC Club house) and free admission. Two chase boats (Mike & Stacey Lodato & Cliff & Laura George with Susie Soule) shared in several rescue efforts making sure the participants could get out of the water quickly and back in the competition. They also helped with repairs and collecting floating items like bailers and shoes floating through the harbor.

    The Race Committee master for this wonderful regatta was the very experienced Chairman Ross Cudlitz. He was the master of ceremonies and ran Olympic type courses for this prestigious event. The only difficulty was the horn system being used. He literally “blew” through the HYC budget! As everyone knows Ross has the experience to handle “world class” competitors. He only acknowledged one compliant (Henry Bliss the “whiner”) at the start of the 3rd race start sequence and called all the boats to return for a restart. It took the last race to determine the ultimate winner.

    Grub Tub Worlds 2009 Results
    1st Place and World Champion” – Ben Niles
    2nd Place – Henry Bliss, also winner of “Most controversial Grub Sailor.
    3rd Place Tim Baker “ Tim the winner of the “Best Bailer”.

    2009 Hugh Fruend – Update from England

    (Posted: September 20th, 2009)

    Hey all,

    I am sitting inside the large hanger where they do all the measuring before the regatta. The event organizers set up a long table with ethernet plugs so the internet junkies can get their fix. They have us in postponement this morning because the wind is blowing about 25 kts with gusts to 30+ kts. We had a lot more boatwork to do on our borrowed boat from the Irish than we had expected, so we only had an hour an a half of practice time on the water on Sunday rather than the two days we had hoped for. But it didn’t seem to matter as you can see from the results below. We had a protest in the second race with the French because they blatantly fouled us. The Brittish witnessed it and we had no trouble winning in the protest room at the end of the day.

    Weymouth is an interesting town. It seems like a nice quaint Brittish town during the day, but at night all that changes. The other night I was passed by dozens of Brits decked out in their very finest bell bottoms, afro’s and wide lapels on their way from one 70’s party to the next. On the weekends most places are open until 5 or 6am.

    The Weymouth venue is fantastic. The US Sailing Team Alphagraphics has secured our own section of a hanger in the lot next door where we will be able to keep our stuff between events, store and work on boats, hang out, debreif, etc. as soon as they finalize construction details. Right now we have an enormous space and a concrete floor with a big table on one wall.

    Having lots of fun walking around and seeing competitors from different countries. Everyone has got their different team gear on, plastering sponsorship stickers on hulls and cars and sails, and running back and forth from different vendors to their boats in a rush to get everything perfect before their hit the water for the day. If any of you watch the Tour de France it is getting to be sort of like that, although we don’t quite have the level of sponsorship that they do.

    Thats all for now. I will try to send some pictures, but I forgot a cable to plug my camera into the computer. I have no idea when I will be back online, but will try to check in every few days.

    Results (scroll down for Sonars) are here:



    There are US teams in every class I think. The other paralympic classes are the 2.4mR (mini America’s cup boat) and the Skud18.


    1993 Grub Tub Worlds – By Tim Baker publish May 2009

    (Posted: May 18th, 2009)

    Since 1978, when I bought my first boat (Rhodes 19, Khartoum), I have been keeping a race log for every race or regatta in which I’ve skippered a boat. Yes, that means I have 30 years of HYC race results and memories recorded in my sometimes-incoherent and abbreviated logs for a variety of races.

    2009 Dockheads Galore at HYC Winter Party

    (Posted: March 23rd, 2009)

    By all accounts the HYC annual winter party was a roaring success.  We heard many positive comments about the comfort and accommodations of the Hilton Garden Inn’s meeting room.  There was a air of excitement as John Karp came prepared to spread the spirit of volunteerism with his dock-head hat, great “pun” speech and the offer of good food for all who plan to help at the many upcoming dock building weekends.  He then passed off the hat to our energetic commodore.


    Be sure to check out the HYC Calendar and Volunteer Opportunities and get involved.  We hope everyone had great time and we would love to hear your feedback about the party.  Please post a reply below.