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  • 2011 Youth Regatta Results and Wrap Up

    (News, Race Results, YSP News - 6th August, 2011)

    Here are the Results

    2011 Youth Regatta Results-All Classes

    The HYC FaceBook Page will also have Photos and Movies so check back often for updates.

    As you’ve probably seen and heard, this year’s Youth Regatta was another example of what makes HYC so special. Hosting 91 boats, 117 sailors with their coaches and some parents, we had a small army of volunteers who made it all happen.  Here’s a brief rundown of everyone’s contributions, many of which began in the weeks prior to the Regatta.

    • Brenda Collins and Carol Hudson greeted the sailors on Thursday morning with breakfast.
    • Denley Poor and Susan McCracken ran the registration table, while Jeb McCarty and Tom Tobey directed   the flow of cars, trucks and boat trailers as the sailors arrived to unload, launch and prepare for the competition.
    • Cynthia Selinger and Karen Bikulcius made and delivered bag lunches for everyone.
    • With a delayed harbor start, Bob Grout piloted Jack Thomas’s “Dark & Stormy” as the 420/ Laser RC boat put out to the bay with Frank Pizzo and his crew.
    • Finn Hadlock and Cliff George handled the 420/ Laser marks; Max Jennings and myself tended the marks for the Optimist course.
    • Sarah Kent with help from Claire Henry, directed the Optimist course RC work (60 boats!).
    • Peter McCracken, John Lincoln and the Prices’ provided parents and friends with boats to watch the action.
    • Meanwhile back at the club, Tim Baker caught up on his summer reading while handling the scoring as the results were called in.
    • Beth Ahearn joined Julie Freund, Kristen Bailey, Peg Willauer, Sandi Goolden, Susan Martling, Romey Brown, June Chomyn, Cindy Burroughs and others in serving up a great lasagna dinner for all the competitors after the races on Thursday evening.
    • On Thursday night, the Prices’s, Stephanie Paine, Vicki Smith and Pat Phillips hosted sailors from Christmas Cove and Boothbay.
    • Mabel Gerquist helped Sue Jennings put on breakfast Friday morning.
    • The 420/ Laser Race Committee crew got additional help on Friday from Bob Santomena and Tom & Kevin Schwarm.
    • Sue Hadlock hosted a gang of parents and friends spectating on “Tangent” as did the Peter and Weezie on “Big Dog Party”
    • Anne & Rob Fuehrer, Cindy & Spencer Drake, June Chomyn, Pat Nash, Pat Phillips and Katie Siemen arrived on the scene with Carter Becker on the “Barge”. Their collective efforts resulted in another fantastic post-race, on-the -water cookout. As I heard one young sailor say to another on Friday morning “….the best darn hamburger you’ll ever have.”

    Many thanks to all who helped the sailors haul and pack their boats and gear  – and especially those that cleaned up the Club afterwards. Also, much appreciation to Frank Pizzo and all the Instructors!
    I’m sure I’ve overlooked several dozen, my apologies.
    Well done !!

    Here are the Results

    The HYC FaceBook Page will also have Photos and Movies so check back often for updates.

    2011 HYC Youth Regatta Video

    (Blog, News - 6th August, 2011)

    2011 HYC Regatta Results

    (News - 27th June, 2011)

    The HYC Regatta took place on Saturday June 25th.  This GMORA event drew 24 boats
    (albeit a couple scratched due to lack of wind) and had some exciting finishes.
    We had a light breeze for most of the race but did have to shorten the course and finish
    at the can off Goose.  We did have to call the race at 4pm but, unlike last year, most boats
    finished.  Here are the top finishes for each class click here for complete results .We also have posted on Facebook a short film for all to enjoy


    1. BIG DOG PARTY – Peter Price
    2. BEAGLE – Nat Henshaw
    3. BUZZ – Richard Stevenson


    1. WHITE HAWK – Tim Tolford
    2. CAT’S PAW – Butch Minson
    3. HONALEE – Dick Stevens


    1. RITA P – Randy & Gail Rice
    2. C CURE – Harry Hepburn

    An event like this can only happen with great volunteers and I cannot thank enough (the following):

    Bill & Mary Foster & Peter Gerquest – Race Committee
    Bill Ginn – Post-Race Meal
    Faith Baker – Awards
    Peter Price – Registration
    Randy Rice & Sandi Colburn – Misc. Registration help

    Thanks very much,

    Stuart MacDonald
    HYC Race Chair


    (News - 13th May, 2011)

    Click here to read our Spring 2011 HYC Newsletter on Facebook

    2010 Grub Tub Worlds

    (News, Race Results - 27th September, 2010)

    Tim Baker swept with 6 1St places for 4.5 points

    Ben Niles finished wit 14 points for 2cd

    And Chip Loheed came in a close 3rd with 16 points

    Unfortunately the Dyer could not withstand the grueling pace and lost its centerboard in the third race, hence DNF

    2010 Annual Meeting Awards

    (News - 17th September, 2010)

    2010 Awards presented at the Annual Meeting:

    1. Commodore’s Award for Volunteerism –Lev Davis
    Given to a member or members who have worked tirelessly in support of club activities and programs.

    2. Heritage Award.  – Barney and Caroline Baker
    Awarded to the member, who by good seamanship, an adventurous spirit, a willingness to share knowledge and an abiding love of the sea, has promoted boating in a way that honors the values that Bill Hadlock embodied in his life.

    3. Sportsmanship Award -Stuart MacDonald
    Awarded to a member whose enthusiasm for the Club is demonstrated on and off the race course.

    4. Offshore Trophy: Paul and Lise Dunn
    Awarded to the sailor or sailors with the best offshore race finish and/or who navigate blue water flying the HYC burgee.

    Life Membership: No Life Members nominated this year

    2010 Youth Regatta was a Blast! – Results

    (News, YSP News - 9th August, 2010)

    Imported Photos 00058The 2010 HYC Youth Regatta and 420 State of Maine Championship was a great time by all involved and it couldn’t have happened without all the enthusiastic help of all of our members and Sailing  Instructors! With over 100 junior sailors racing over two days in challenging conditions from fog one day to large wind shifts on the second day the team on two lines was able to get off enough races to allow a throw out. Friday was the highlight with racing completed in time to have our famous Barge Barbecue out on the race course.

    Here are the results:

    2010-420 State of Maine Championship

    2010 Laser Results

    2010 Opti Green Results

    2010 Opti RWB Results

    Pictures are on the photo link and more will follow as we round them up.

    Imported Photos 00103

    2011 Women’s Sailing Clinic Finished on a Great Note

    (News - 4th August, 2010)

    2010 Womens SailingThe first HYC Women’s Sailing Program in many years turned out to be a popular and successful event. The four week program held on Monday evenings provided great weather and a few windy evenings to challenge the students in the 420′s. Short lessons were followed by rigging and on the water practice.  The evenings ended with chalk talks, knot tying,  and social time to discuss: “who ever came up with the idea of a hiking stick!?”

    Many thanks to all the participants and instructors for making this a fun and productive series.  We hope to see many of you again next year!

    2010 HYC Regatta Results

    (News - 27th June, 2010)

    I just wanted to write a quick message to thank everyone who participated in the 2010 HYC Regatta.  We had a good breeze for 2/3 of the race and then the rain clouds sucked the wind out of the bay.  We did have to call the race at 4pm with only 5 class A boats finished.  In all we had 19 boats participate and I hope all had a good day regardless of the way the race ended.

    Thank you to Bill & Mary Foster, Peter Gerquest, Sandy Dickison, Bill Ginn, Eliza Ginn, Faith Baker, Spencer Drake, Sandi Colburn & the Rices for helping to make this regatta go this year!

    Thanks very much,

    Stuart MacDonald

    HYC Race Chair

    Overall finishes: 2010 HYC Regatta Results


    1. County Girl #223
    2. Keemah #240
    3. Big Dog Party #50939

    4. Phoenix #87668
    5.Family Wagon #52933


    More Photos (Best viewed with Firefox Browser)

    Jan Newlin Memorial Fund is complete, Dedication Spring 2010

    (News - 25th June, 2010)

    This fund was successful in providing a beautiful Granite Bench in memory of Jan Newlin to overlook the Harbor. Cliff George has put together a short video of the dedication for all to see


    A granite bench for under the flagpole has been on the club wish list for a number of years.  We would like to start a small fundraising campaign to buy and install a granite bench and dedicate it in memory of Jan Newlin. If you would like more information on how to donate please click on the link below.

    Newlin Memorial Granite Bench Fundraising Letter

    HYC mourns the passing of John White

    (News - 22nd April, 2010)

    HYC mourns the passing of John White. He was a founding and life-member of HYC. He was a good man from a great generation who will be missed by all who had the good fortune to know him. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/mainetoday-pressherald/obituary.aspx?n=john-william-loud-white&pid=141993985

    HYC Store is up and running!

    (News - 4th November, 2009)

    You can now purchase HYC gear through the web site with a choice of two different Logo styles(calm and gale), please check out all the neat products you can purchase with the HYC logo. Click on the Store in the top right of the web site.

    2009 Volunteer Recognition

    (News - 26th October, 2009)

    The 2009 Board of Directors wish to recognize the following individuals for their commitment to the success of HYC for the summer of 2009- Thank you!  

    Sailing Program- Henry Bliss
    Denley Poore
    Tom Schwarm
    Anne Fuehren
    Louise Price
    Spencer Drake

    House – Randy Rice
    Eileen Peterson
    Julie Freund
    Lev Davis
    Elnel Browder

    Race Committee – Stu Macdonald
    Bill Foster
    Peter Gerquest

    General Board assistance
    Ben Niles
    Barney Baker
    Chris Pinkham

    Water Front – Paul Dunn - Dinghy Ties
    Bob Santomenna
    Ted Gribbell

    John Karp dock building & repair
    (We had so much help building floats that we will surely miss more than one.)
    Steve Morrow
    Tom Downing
    Dave Knudsen
    Jonathan St Mary
    Ben MacDonald
    Eric Oransky

    Fleet Captain of Sail
    Malcom Poole

    Sue Hadlock
    Stephanie Paine

    2009 Annual Awards

    (News - 26th October, 2009)

    2009 Awards presented at the Annual Meeting:

    1. Commodore’s Award for Volunteerism –Randy Rice
    Given to a member or members who have worked tirelessly in support of club activities and programs. –  5 years of dedicated work and retiring from the Board, Randy had so many projects one day he managed all three, roofs, crush stone, and curbing. I was there to take the pictures(see photos on web site). Randy spent so many nice days shingling the club house and so much more. He organized a wonderful group of club house volunteers this year. Randy has promised to keep contributing after retiring from the Board

    2. Heritage Award.  – Sue Hadlock
    Awarded to the member, who by good seamanship, an adventurous spirit, a willingness to share knowledge and an abiding love of the sea, has promoted boating in a way that honors the values that Bill Hadlock embodied in his life. – Rob Tasiey covered a number of Sue’s enthusastic trips on the bay, not to mention she “summered over” on her boat this year.  
    3. Sportsmanship Award  -Nat Henshaw
    Awarded to a member whose enthusiasm for the Club is demonstrated on and off the race course.
    We all know Nat is a competitor. This award is not for flying spinnaker’s up side down or starboard tacking Bill Full appropriately, or for picking up so many crew members right off the dock and getting so many members and guest out sailing at the spur of the moment. It’s for all these reasons and Nat’s  “spirit” for sailing that his “crew” more than anyone  else can understand!
    4. Offshore Trophy: Cameron Grillo
    Awarded to the sailor or sailors with the best offshore race finish and/or who navigate blue water flying the HYC burgee - Who has heard of Auckland, NZ. up to Opua and or a sail over to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and, or finally across the Coral Sea to Cairns on to the Great Barrier reef in Australia. horizins were hugely expanded during his three months sailing with Nat and Betsy White. Nat White Stated “Cam is a fine sailor and was a great help aboard BAHATI during some challenging passages! He also learned to do some deep-sea trolling and filleted his first mahi-mahi almost as big and probably as old as he is!! Cam is comfortable up the rig, under the boat and under any sailing conditions. He is not afraid to handle sails in rough conditions and yet he is careful not to take unnecessary risks”. BAHATI and HYC members say cheers all round for Cameron!Cam’s.net/bahatihttp://www.

    Life Membership: The Board has nominated and passed the following for Life Membership.

    Dick Bowen: was a Board Member for several years, commodore 1979-1981. Dick was involved in areas of the club including a major force behind promoting the interclubs . Dick and his wife as being very involved in the sailing program for many years He was very involved with the building of the present clubhouse after the old shack was washed out. Back when he was racing his Ensign “Railroad”. His enthusiasm for the Club and his sportsmanship, on and off the water, has always been notable. I believe he is very deserving of this honor.

    Widgery Thomas: The Thomas Family came to South Freeport in the summer of 1965 in Andiamo towing our turnabout “Snap”. That summer the family lived in the boathouse next to HYC. This started his involvement in all aspects of HYC. Widgery served on the board and was commodore in 1970. Widgery changed from power to sail as his love of sailing grew. Patience, Quickstep, and Cockle came and went. Cockle was his favorite and his only winning boat. He won the Friendship sloop regatta. Widgery shared his love of the Maine coast and sailing with the family spending one and two week cruises every summer.  He took great pleasure in having a good “white knuckle” sail.

    2009 “Wild Ride” – Grub Tub Worlds

    (News, Race Results - 20th September, 2009)


    September 19, 2009; HYC, South Freeport, Maine

    The Grub Tub World Championships were held here today on a beautiful, gusty September afternoon. The “Grub Tub”, a wonderful sailing dinghy designed and built by Henry “Grubby” Douglas, has a long history in this harbor and at HYC. This sailing event hasn’t been held for a quite a few years, but thanks to Stuart MacDonald, Cliff George and a few others, a small fleet of six “Tubs” entered the competition. Heidi Bishop, Jeff Whiting, Faith Baker, Henry Bliss, Ben Niles and Tim Baker launched their boats and braved a wild, gusty breeze generally (using the term mildly) from the Northwest. As most recalled from past GT Worlds, these conditions are the norm. The word “attrition” was heard quite often afterwards as three of the six Tubs had to retire due to multiple dunks in the drink. Regardless, everyone showed their skill and sportsmanship. Thanks to Ross Cudlitz for running the show, Cliff & Laura George and Susie Soule for the cheering section – as well as bailing a lot of water!

    Final Results

    1st   Ben Niles

    2nd   Henry Bliss

    3rd  Tim Baker

    Photos have been posted (taken by Susie Soule)

    Additional notes from the race committee (with additional photos posted):

    Great race, congrats to all contestants for braving the NW gales of September.
    Six boats started the first race and 5 finished (Whiting first in the drink)
    Fifth race three boats started two finished, need I say more (more swimmers and drop outs).
    Scoring: Ben Niles:      3/4, 2, 2, 2, 2    =  8.75
    Henry Bliss:    3, 3, 3, 3/4, 3/4 = 10.5
    Tim Baker:      2, 3/4, 3/4, 4, 4 = 11.5 (two penalty strokes for being out of the fairway).

    I wanted to take a picture of Tim trying to right his craft 50 feet from the finish line, however his safety seemed more important at the moment.
    Ben Niles learned that grub tubs do not carry any momentum when one tries to round up hard and tack over the finish line, Henry just cruised on by.
    Oh by the way Henry, on that general recall you all started in the exact same positions and locations, creatures of habit.
    Next year no horns necessary, just Cliff’s cheer leading voice (pom poms and saddle shoes optional).
    Lets not forget to remember Grubby Douglass for making this possible.

    Ross Cudlitz

    2009 HYC Member, Sarah Kent, recently competed in the Northeast Sailing Association’s Adams Cup for women over 18

    (News - 2nd September, 2009)

    HYC Member, Sarah Kent, recently competed in the Northeast Sailing Association’s Adams Cup for women over 18.   Ms. Kent and crew won the Northeast Finals in Portland sailing in Yinglings at Sail Maine. 

    2009 Youth Regatta – a huge success!

    (News, YSP News - 9th August, 2009)


    Our 5 Annual HYC Youth Regatta was a huge success not for just the beautiful weather but the tremendous help and volunteer spirit that drives this event.

    This year we hosted over 90 boats and somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 sailors along with coaches and parents, for two days of racing which included the State of Maine 420 Championships. Sailors competed from the following Yacht Clubs: Agamenticus, Boothbay Harbor, Bucks Harbor, Camden, Castine, HYC, Kollegewidgwok, Peaks Island, Portland, Southport and Sunapee (NH).

    2009 Major Improvements @ HYC

    (News - 22nd June, 2009)

    Under Randy Rice’s leadership several people got involved in upgrading the facilities at HYC last week including Whitney Martin, Mike Welcher, Chris Pope and Anne Niles leading the landscaping crew.  The club now has a new roof, improved parking lot, granite curbs and new landscaping near the porch.  This is what a volunteer club is all about!  Great job everyone!  See more images in the Photo Gallery.

    HYC Club Improvements - 2009

    HYC Club Improvements - 2009

    2009 Participate in our Volunteer Parent/ Member Program this Summer!

    (News, YSP News - 25th May, 2009)

    As I mentioned at the Opening Party, the HYC Youth Sailing Program Staff, with an eye to safety, would like to have a volunteer Parent or Member on the waterfront during the Recruits and Mates classes each day during both sessions.
    This “Volunteer Parent/ Member Program” is an opportunity for Members to contribute to our Program, meet new people and get volunteer credit time.

    Primarily, it will provide valuable assistance to the Instructors and Coaches. If a medical and/ or other concern arises ( perhaps when a Participant needs to return to shore), the Parent/ Member on duty can appropriately assist the Participant(s) and Instructor(s). There may be additional responsibilities on a day-to-day basis at the discretion of the Instructors and Coaches.

    We encourage all Members to participate; Parents of the Participants are being asked to participate as well. Pair up with another parent or member!

    Please contact Mary Martin via email at marymartin@suscom-maine.net or give her a call at (207) 865-0689 and she can tell you what is required and what dates & times are available. Please check the HYC website calendar for the dates of each Session. We really appreciate Mary’s help on this!

    Thank you.

    Henry Bliss
    HYC Youth Sailing Program Coordinator.

    2009 Hugh Fruend makes US Sailing Team!

    (News, YSP News - 23rd March, 2009)

    Hugh Fruend, an HYC Sailing Program alumni and instructor has been named to the 2009 US Paralympic Sailing Team for 3 person class sailing Sonars.  The sailors will be working toward the 2012 Olympics.  For more information on the 2009 teams visit the www.teamusa674.com.  Congratulations Hugh!

    Jan Newlin died peacefully at her home Friday Feb. 27, 2009

    (News - 4th March, 2009)

    With great sadness and fond memories HYC club members honor and celebrate the life of Jan Newlin. Jan was a terrific club member, volunteer, Board Member and wonderful neighbor of the club. She will be greatly missed.  Memorial Donations can be made to Freeport Aspirations Partnership, 17 West St., Freeport, ME 04032 or the Ocean Classroom Foundation, 29 McKnown Street, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

    Julie and Daniel Freund Donate digital projector and screen to the club!

    (News - 28th February, 2009)

    Thanks to Julie and Dan HYC has a wonderfully opportunity for the club to have a digital projector. This will be used to complement our sailing program instruction and certainly for membership meeting to display our website and collection of club photo’s. Thanks so much to Julie and Dan!

    2009 HYC will keep our institutional memory in a new memorabilia case

    (News - 25th February, 2009)

    Charlie Cook and Ben MacDonald have volunteered to build a case for our trophies and other memorabilia. We want our keepsakes, trophies and any other items of historical value on display. If you have something to loan or give the club for this purpose please be sure to contact Charlie!

    Ambitious House Committee Plans for the 2009 Season

    (News - 20th February, 2009)

    We will be contracting for the installation of a new roof, refinishing the interior floors, replacing railroad ties, laying crushed rock in the parking lot and much more. Randy Rice needs your help so contact him for volunteer opportunities that support this portion of the club.