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  • 2019 Punch Bowl results

    (Race Results - 22nd September, 2019)
    • 1st – Milady
    • 2nd – Beagle
    • 3rd –  Inseparable

    Punchbowl 2019 Beagle Punchbowl 2019 Nat

    2018 Punch Bowl

    (Race Results - 18th September, 2018)

    Pursuit race results

    1. Wishing Star
    2. Phalarope
    3. Libra
    4. Zulu
    5. Beagle
    6. Persistence
    7. August Sun
    8. Alacrity

    2018 Punch Bowl

    (Race Results - 26th June, 2017)

    2015 Punch Bowl Results

    (News, Race Results - 21st September, 2015)


    1st – Milady

    2nd – Zulu

    3rd –  Sleigh Ride

    Beagle, LeRoy, August Sun, Criminal Mischief, Inseparable and Peder’s Parade all enjoyed the pursuit race with anchor start sailing around the islands on a beautiful day!

    Helmsperson race

    (Race Results - 26th August, 2015)

    Congratulations to Helmsman Jeff Whitting for the Sonars in Zulu and Mike Fairservice on the helm of Beagle PHRF!

    Helmsperson Race 2015


    HYC Regatta Race Results 2015

    (News, Race Results - 18th July, 2015)

    HYC Regatta Results 2015

    11709378_895416920497759_7138336717239208942_nHYC member’s had a great showing in the HYC regatta. Kris Jennings skippering “Milady” came in 2nd overall and 1st in Class C, while Nat Henshaw skippering “Beagle” came in 5th overall and 1st in Class A.

    It was a beautiful summer day with 10-14 knot southeasterly and a great sail was had by all!  Many thanks to the race committee and all the volunteers, Bill & Mary Foster, Stu MacDonald, Adam White, Nat Henshaw and Bill Ginn and all the food volunteers, Gritty’s for the beer. The food after the race was truly fabulous!


    Thanks to all the participants! See you next year!

    Grub Tub and Laser Worlds

    (Race Results - 30th December, 2014)


    2014 Grub Tub World Champion

    • 1st Place Cliff George  (The only competitor)

    2014 laser World Results

    • 1st Place – Matt Reynolds
    • 2nd Place –  Ross Cudlitz
    • 3rd Place – Tom Schwarm


    Women’s Cup Race

    (Race Results - 25th December, 2014)

    Light air made for quite an accomplishment just to finish or for some of us …Just get around the windward mark!

    Women’s Cup Race 9-2-15

    HYC Regatta 2014 Results

    (News, Race Results - 29th June, 2014)

    HYC Regatta 2014 Results

    A very close finish. Only 6 Seconds separated Milady & Beagle! for the over all win…

    A great sail was had by all!  Many thanks to the race committee and all the volunteers, Bill & Mary Foster, Stu MacDonald, Adam White, Ross Cudlitz, Nat Henshaw and Vicky Smith with the food volunteers, Gritty’s for the beer, Faith Baker for the great pics. Thanks to all the participants! See you next year!


    2014 Wednesday Night RACE RESULTS

    (Blog, Race Results - 11th June, 2014)

    Congratulations to “Persistence” and “Sleigh Ride” for winning their Classes in the 2014 series respectfully!

    Scores 2014

    Race 12

    Race 11 

    Race 10 cancelled due to weather

    Race 9 

    Race 8

    Race 7 

    Race 6

    Race 5 cancelled due to weather

    Race 4 cancelled due to weather

    Race 3

    Race 2 

    Race 1

    Punch Bowl Results 2013

    (News, Race Results - 9th September, 2013)

    It was a beautiful day for a Punch Bowl Race. Great weather 8-15 SSW 13.2 mile course around the islands.


    Congratulations to

    1st. Persistence 2 – Bill Full/Spencer Drake

    2cd Milady – Kris Jennings

    3rd Dire Straits – Jeff Whiting

    Thank you Dale and Carol Hudson our Punch Bowl RC.

    Grub Tub Worlds 2013 Results

    (News, Race Results - 9th September, 2013)

    DSC03176Participants: Tim Baker, Chip Loheed, Janice Mildram and Ross Cudlitz

    Scoring: Tim Baker maintained his club championship though Chip Loheed put up a fight. The rest of us were just fodder.

    Tim Baker 1st

    Chip Loheed 2nd

    Janice Mildram 3rd

    Ross Cudlitz 4th

    Squirrely shifting winds NW-SW, gusting from 5-20 knots. Many thanks to Alan Loeschner and Maggie Loheed for being RC and safety boat.

    Lasers did not have enough boats to compete (1)

    DSC03172 DSC03167 DSC03159 DSC03157 DSC03160

    Helmsperson Race Results

    (Race Results - 23rd August, 2013)

    Helmsperson Race 2013

    Dave Gosnell was the winning Sonar skipper.

    Ed Brainard skippering Beagle was the PHRF winning Helmsperson.

    HYC Monhegan Winners

    (Race Results - 16th September, 2012)

    Monhegan Island Race Division 1

    2nd “Big Dog Party” – Pete Price

    Monhegan Island Double Handed Class

    3rd “Beagle” – Nat Henshaw

    Manana Island Class

    2nd ” Milady” – Max Jennings

    2012 Grub Tubs and Lasers – no wind

    (Race Results - 12th September, 2012)

    Try again in 2013!

    Punch Bowl 2012

    (News, Race Results - 11th September, 2012)

    A beautiful day with 25 -30 knots of wind and I believe all sailors would agree “One of the Best Courses Ever!” We had a great turn out of 13 boats and thanks to Race Committee Henry Bliss for his work.

    Congratulations to  Tim Baker in Zulu for winning the 2012 pursuit Punch Bowl Race!

    2nd Place – Duckling – Carter Becker

    3rd Place – Sleighride– Dale Hudson

    Punch Bowl 2012 Results

    Some comments from our HYC FaceBook page as follows


    Great footage “I feel Seasick!”


    So jealous!! Huff ‘n Puff on a fly- in the Punch Bowl 2012

    They  (Duckling) were having cocktails and hors d’oevres in Duckling while we in Zulu we were on screaming planes in 25+ knot gusts, having the best sail in years, and hanging on for dear life!

    Helmsperson Race Results 2012

    (News, Race Results - 23rd August, 2012)

    Sonar Helmsperson:

    1st Place – Dire Straits – Faith Baker

    2nd Place – Interim – Mallory Cudlitz

    3rd Place – Slieghride – John Pier

    PHRF Helmsperson:

    1st Place – Beagle – Nancy Bruckheimer

    2nd Place – Wishing Star – Chip Lawrence

    3rd Place – Milady – Emily Jennings

    All participant results   Helmsperson Race 2012

    Wednesday Night Race Results

    (Race Results - 15th August, 2012)

    Sonar Summer Series:

    1st Place – Zulu – Tim Baker

    2nd Place – Interim – Ross Cudlitz

    3rd Place – Dire Straits– Jeff Whiting

    PHRF Summer Series:

    1st Place –   Beagle – Nat Henshaw

    2nd Place – Persistence2 – Bill Full & Spencer Drake

    3rd Place – Milady – Kris Jennings

    2012 RACE RESULTS details:


    HYC Regatta Results/ From Ross Cudlitz HYC Race Committee Chairman

    (News, Race Results - 30th June, 2012)

    The HYC Regatta was held last Saturday (June 30th) as part of the Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Associations’ series. It’s a fun and interesting pursuit race format that provides a staggered start and always keeps the HYC race committee on their toes!

    Pictures ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekzenhTiixE

    The wind at noon was very light but as predicted strengthened to 10-12 knots to make it easy for the fleet of 22 boats to finish the 8-mile course. The course started from Mosers and went out to Whaleboat, then down and around Lower Goose then back to finish at Mosers. Many HYC members and several Casco Bay Yacht Clubs participated. There were also many spectator boats.

    Bill and Mary Foster along with Peter Gerquest provided a great race Committee and Huge Thank – You!  Post race Bill Ginn provided fabulous appetizers and dinner including lasagna, salads and fresh strawberry ice cream sundaes for desert feeding all the skippers and crew. For our sailing thirst we wish to Thank Gritty’s for two kegs of their finest beer.

    We certainly would like to increase the participation every year. So come out and join this race next year. Enjoy a day on the bay with friends. This race is designed for everyone. Whether you are out for a family race or serious competition, this race has it all.

    Racing Class A:

    • 1st Revolution
    • 2nd Buzz
    • 3rd Tamarack

    Racing Class B:

    • 1st White Hawk
    • 2nd Blitz
    • 3rd C-Cure

    Cruising Class:

    • 1ST Imagine
    • 2ndHonalee
    • 3rd Duckling


    Race Results 1st Annual HYC Women’s Cup Summer “Sailstice”

    (Race Results - 22nd June, 2012)

    in conjunction with World Wide Summer “Sailstice” Yachting Day

    Women’s Cup Race 6-21-12

    A HUGE  ” Thank – You” to Bill and Mary Foster  for their tireless RC work on the HYC womens cup!

    2010 Grub Tub Worlds

    (News, Race Results - 27th September, 2010)

    Tim Baker swept with 6 1St places for 4.5 points

    Ben Niles finished wit 14 points for 2cd

    And Chip Loheed came in a close 3rd with 16 points

    Unfortunately the Dyer could not withstand the grueling pace and lost its centerboard in the third race, hence DNF

    2010 Punch Bowl Results

    (Race Results - 14th September, 2010)
    1. HUFF N’ PUFF
    3. ZULU
    4. LIBRA
    7. TYEE
    8. INTERIM
    9. MILADY
    11. FREE BIRD
    12. BEAGLE
    13. TEMERITY
    14. CUP CAKE
    15. AUGUST SUN
    16. WAYWARD
    17. PANACEA
    18. HOYDEN

    2009 “Wild Ride” – Grub Tub Worlds

    (News, Race Results - 20th September, 2009)


    September 19, 2009; HYC, South Freeport, Maine

    The Grub Tub World Championships were held here today on a beautiful, gusty September afternoon. The “Grub Tub”, a wonderful sailing dinghy designed and built by Henry “Grubby” Douglas, has a long history in this harbor and at HYC. This sailing event hasn’t been held for a quite a few years, but thanks to Stuart MacDonald, Cliff George and a few others, a small fleet of six “Tubs” entered the competition. Heidi Bishop, Jeff Whiting, Faith Baker, Henry Bliss, Ben Niles and Tim Baker launched their boats and braved a wild, gusty breeze generally (using the term mildly) from the Northwest. As most recalled from past GT Worlds, these conditions are the norm. The word “attrition” was heard quite often afterwards as three of the six Tubs had to retire due to multiple dunks in the drink. Regardless, everyone showed their skill and sportsmanship. Thanks to Ross Cudlitz for running the show, Cliff & Laura George and Susie Soule for the cheering section – as well as bailing a lot of water!

    Final Results

    1st   Ben Niles

    2nd   Henry Bliss

    3rd  Tim Baker

    Photos have been posted (taken by Susie Soule)

    Additional notes from the race committee (with additional photos posted):

    Great race, congrats to all contestants for braving the NW gales of September.
    Six boats started the first race and 5 finished (Whiting first in the drink)
    Fifth race three boats started two finished, need I say more (more swimmers and drop outs).
    Scoring: Ben Niles:      3/4, 2, 2, 2, 2    =  8.75
    Henry Bliss:    3, 3, 3, 3/4, 3/4 = 10.5
    Tim Baker:      2, 3/4, 3/4, 4, 4 = 11.5 (two penalty strokes for being out of the fairway).

    I wanted to take a picture of Tim trying to right his craft 50 feet from the finish line, however his safety seemed more important at the moment.
    Ben Niles learned that grub tubs do not carry any momentum when one tries to round up hard and tack over the finish line, Henry just cruised on by.
    Oh by the way Henry, on that general recall you all started in the exact same positions and locations, creatures of habit.
    Next year no horns necessary, just Cliff’s cheer leading voice (pom poms and saddle shoes optional).
    Lets not forget to remember Grubby Douglass for making this possible.

    Ross Cudlitz

    2009 Punch Bowl

    (Race Results - 15th September, 2009)

    1st     Mike Welsher   Quill

    2nd   John Grillo        Wendigo

    3rd    Tim Baker          Zulu