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    Float Out October 21, 2017


    Please contact Hugh Bowen at waterfront.hyc@gmail.com or on his cell at (207)712-9621.

    House Jobs for 2017


    The House Committee jobs include opening and closing the Club during the boating season, including tidying up each day; carpentry, electrical, and plumbing maintenance and repairs; trimming and weeding the plantings on the grounds; and other tasks. Check the list and share your skills.

    The maintenance and care of the HYC facilities require many volunteer hours. Please contact House Chair, Bill Browder via email house.hyc@gmail.com if you have any questions.

    Sail Boat Repair for 2017


    Please sign-up to help fix the fleet. Contact Joe Frazer and/or Susan Tananbaum at fleetsail.hyc@gmail.com.


    HYC Dinghy Tie Activity 2017 


    Help keep the dinghies at HYC safe by volunteering to perform Monthly Inspections and maintenance of ties.

    Please contact Dave Dickison at dinghytie.hyc@gmail.com if you have any questions.


    Power Fleet Maintenance Whalers for 2017


    The HYC Youth Sailing program relies on the Power Boat Fleet to help steer the Sailing Program in the summer. There are year round tasks that are needed to keep the program on track. Most tasks are simple and can be completed by anyone with an interest to help out. This is a great opportunity to work as a group or a family and to teach powerboat and trailer maintenance. There are early spring and fall deadlines but much of the work can be completed year round. Volunteers are encouraged to take a boat home for the winter. We can schedule a spring or fall workday at the club. If you have land we are always looking for nearby places to stow boats for the winter months.

    For more detail contact Kathy Keegan or Carter Becker via email at fleetpower.hyc@gmail.com or by phone a 207 865-456


    For questions you may also contact the event or committee chair and get involved.

    • Youth Sailing Program –  Email
    • Youth Regatta – Email
    • Race Committee - Email
    • Waterfront Committee –  Email
    • House Committee –  Email
    • Sailboat Committee –  Email
    • Powerboat Committee - Email
    • Dinghy Tie Committee - Email
    • Entertainment Committee - Email
    • Communications Committee - Email

     See the HYC Calendar for additional events; http://hyc.cc/calendar/

    For HYC major events, everyone is still welcome, but only members who have signed up and confirmed as a volunteer will get volunteer hours credit. If your plans change after you sign up, please be sure to contact the event organizer to let them know.

    All questions regarding volunteer jobs are to be directed to the event leader or the Volunteer Workload Committee Chair:  - Email.


    Other Volunteer Jobs that are currently available

    Do you enjoy sorting photographs? The Communications Committee is looking for someone to create a central library of photos for the web, these newsletters, and our Facebook page. If you are curious and enjoy this kind of project please contact Elizabeth Ring, Communications Committee Chairhyc.communication82@gmail.com

    Interested in being a HYC Board Member?
    Contact the Commodore:  - Email