Board Members

  • Directors & Officers:

    Commodore: Stuart MacDonald –  
    Vice Commodore:  MacGregor Pierce –  
    Rear Commodore: Pending –  
    Past Commodore: Adam White –  
    Secretary: Ross Taliaferro –  
    Treasurer: John Grillo –  
    Sailing Program Chair: Ben Willauer –  
    Fleet Captain of Sail: Phil Taisey –  
    Fleet Captain of Power: Bill Creighton –  
    Race Committee Chair: Peter Selian –  
    House Chair: Vicky Smith –  
    Entertainment Chair: Anne and Rob Fuehrer –  
    Waterfront Chair: Ben Palmer –  
    Dinghy Tie Chair: Guy Ordway –  
    Director at Large: Lynn Pierce –  



    Volunteer Workload Committee Chair: Stephanie Paine –  
    Membership Coordinator: Chris Pinkham –  
    Communications Chair: Elizabeth Ring –  
    Webmaster: Ed Brainard –  
    Club Mission and Conduct: Gus MacDonald –  
    Club Historian: Charlie Cook –