HYC Classified Ads

Hi all. It is the end of January, you are working remotely or just staying inside doing nothing. This is the perfect time to clean out your barns, attics and basements of all of those incredibly valuable boating items that you’ve been saving, just because you can’t bring yourself to part with them. Trust me, I know. I have a wonderful Grub Tub sitting in my basement with mylar sails that have been used once or twice. But I know that I am going to start racing that baby when I turn 80 or 90. Well, now is your opportunity!

With the increased readership driven by the launching of the Member Discussion Forum, there has never been a better time to post your classifieds! You see, Adam thought that he was launching this forum to gather feedback from members. But it was actually my secret plan to drive more traffic to the classified ad section of the website. I mean, I need my volunteer hours and classified traffic had been slowing over the past year. Driving more traffic to the website and, tangentially, to the classified ad section may save my job and preserve my volunteer hours. And, it is already working!

Please help me save my job and simplify your lives by posting your cherished boating possessions on the classified ad section of the HYC website. You know you have stuff. I’ve been in many of your barns and attics and I’ve seen it. Just say’in.