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  • Membership Information:

    Harraseeket Yacht Club is a small, local club. Members must live in Freeport or demonstrate community ties and are expected to volunteer their time and skills to support the club’s operations and activities.

    “The objective of the club shall be to encourage and promote the sport of boating and the science of seamanship and navigation particularly for instruction to the youth of this area and to do all things necessary or incidental through volunteerism to the accomplishment and fulfillment of said purposes.”

    If seeking membership, a completed application and the endorsement forms of three sponsoring members must be submitted by October 1 in order to be considered for membership in the following year. Because Active (Family and Individual) membership is limited to 250 adults, successful applicants may be needed to be assigned Provisional Active member status and placed on a waiting list for an Active membership to become available. In recent years, the waiting period for Family or Individual membership has been 2 years or more.

    If you wish to pursue membership you can download review and complete the Membership Application Form and three HYC Sponsor Form.

    If you have questions about the application process, please email our Membership Coordinator.  

    HYC Membership Application form

    HYC Sponsor Form

    Membership details

    Annual dues and volunteer requirements for each class of membership and related fees for 2024 are:

    Initiation fee: $840 paid in three equal annual installments beginning in the year an applicant has been accepted for membership
    Provisional Active: $85
    Family: $540 and 15 volunteer hours
    Individual: $419 and 8 volunteer hours
    Associate (available only to previously Active members): $85
    Dinghy tie: $350
    15’ along-side tie: $805
    Kayak and Laser rack: $110

    HYC Membership Classes – a brief summary

    Provisional Active members are those whose application has been approved for membership, but are on the waiting list for Active membership.

    Active (Family or Individual) members are entitled to all boating, float, social, and voting privileges of the Club. A Family membership includes both spouses. Active members of the Club are expected to contribute a number of volunteer work hours each year. Active members’ dependent children under age 21 are entitled to Active member privileges (except voting) until age 21.

    Associate members are formerly Active members who wish to retain a social affiliation with the Club but have relinquished most other privileges of Active membership.

    Associate and Provisional Active members are entitled to social privileges and occasional use of the face dock, but no boating, parking or voting privileges of the Club.