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    • Racing Crew: Wanted & Available

      2021-05-01 09:34:09
      To help assist in getting boats and sailors on the water, we have a new Racing Crew: Wanted & Available page.  You will need to log in as a member to access the page.  Please check it out.  
    • Volunteering

      2021-03-16 10:50:16
      Check out the volunteer opportunities to help the club.
      • HYC clubhouse jobs
      • HYC boat fleet maintenance
      Please visit the volunteering page to sign up.
    • Burwell Hoist Proposal

      2021-02-19 10:00:44
      View the Burwell Hoist proposal details. You should log into the member area first to access the link above. Thank you for commenting on the member discussion page.  We have stopped collecting comments there, so please contact a board member directly.